Sunday, November 30, 2008

Annual Thanksgiving Day Ride

Every year I try to ride from my house to my mother in laws for a massive recovery meal. I live at the very western edge of Lenexa and she lives in Raymore. It is right at 41 miles by the route I have now ironed out.

So I took off in 33 degree calm air with the sun promising to warm things up. It was a fast warm up. I was peeling layers at the 6 mile mark.

I wore the following:
Short Sleeve Jersey
Arm Warmers
Long Sleeve Jersey
Wind shell w/ removable sleeves

Wind Front Tights

Cross Country Ski Gloves
Toe Covers

This is a bit light if it was going to stay in the low 30's however I knew it was going to get warmer.... I was surprised at how fast it warmed up. Turned out to be a fantastic day. Low to no wind and wonderful warming sunshine, low traffic counts and the promise of Thanksgiving dinner at the end.

My route has been a trial and error event, trying new routes each year. I don't often ride very far East of where I live, so I have used Google Maps to plan a route. This doesn't give me any traffic info and the trial and error has lead to eliminating much of the heavy traffic sections of the route. I have done a couple of busy sections of 135th and Highway 150 that I would care to avoid. And I did some major zig zagging North and South through neighborhoods as well. It has been hard in the past to navigate without a map/cue sheet and the actual route has always been slightly different than planned. Well, this year marks the first year in 6 or so that I finally have a steady route that I can repeat next year, is simple and that I now, basically, have memorized. 127th street is my basic East West route and is a fine road for riding.

The ride was uneventful, but was very much needed. Relaxing and a nice 41 miles to help me with my yearly count. Here is a shot of the Big Blue River from E. Blue Ridge Blvd.

Here is a curious donkey/burrow/ass (I don't know my beasts of burden) who, once I stopped to check him out, decided to check me out.... he came over to the fence to get a closer look while I took the picture.

Here is a shot of one of the roads South of Longview lake. Some really nice riding out here.

Interesting roadside debris. No I did not open it to see who was inside.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Short ride on Sunday

I got out for a short ride Sunday. With yard clean up (I live in a very wooded area... lots of leaves), kids schedules etc, I was only able to get out for a short ride. Got out early enough to try my winter layers.... I am good into the mid 20's. I was wishing for fewer layers by the time the sun was out.

Hoping to get out Thanksgiving for my annual ride from Lenexa to Raymore. Mapped the route today and found a couple of new ways to try. I will take the camera and report at length.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Still here...

I am still around and still riding. I have seen fewer miles and commutes in the last 3 weeks. I travel a fair amount for work and it tis the season for some trade shows etc.

I did manage a ride today in the wind. But what a nice day... I got out late morning for 28 miles and it was wonderful. This is one of my favorite times of the year to ride.

Got a new light I want to try out. A DiNotte... tested it out and it seems good. Will fire it up on the bike on my next commute.... MAybe this week....