Saturday, October 4, 2008

Got milk?

So, today, I did something I have never done on a bike. (No not that). I went and bought groceries. I know, for you urban commuters, this is common place. Taking a quick ride down to the store.... well out here in the ruralish western edge of Lenexa... a "quick ride to the store" is 14 miles round trip. And that is just because a store (Price Chopper at Woodland & K10) just recently opened.... and we needed milk, and... SPAM.

Here is the bike... locked up to a sign, cause there is no bike rack. Well, there is one, but I did not find it till I left.... it is conveniently placed at the far end of the store fronts. That's thinking.

I am so psyched for a grocery store in riding distance. So its not that I can bolt over to to the store anytime I need something, like if I lived in the urban core, but I can, with planning, ride to the store sometimes rather than drive. And that, is a start.

I have commented several times on the encroaching sprawl of suburbia. This first picture is looking north, the second is looking South. You can see the encroaching development that is eating up the fields and open spaces of Western Lenexa. If it wasn't for the recent market conditions, this would all be houses by now.

Ok, so... why the SPAM. Does anyone really eat the stuff?Why? What is really in it? I happened on a recipe for SPAM quiche... yup. Just had to try it. We had SPAM at home, but my wife had just donated to some food drive, so, I had to go by more SPAM.

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