Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is my commuter bike...

My commuting is occasional, at best. The duties of a traveling job and 3 kids means "other" things keep me from commuting as much as I would like.

About the bike: Soma Fabrications Double Cross CycloCross frame (steel is real), handme down 7 speed Shimano 105 double with old school down tube shifting, Mavic 32 spoke rims with 32c tires, Blackburn rear rack, cheapo front rack. Planet Bike Fenders, Brooks saddle and Avid Canti brakes. Rides very stable, but not a fast bike. Makes my weekend rides on the Lemond seem like a Ferrari.

I have not done much with headlights yet. My commute is 7 miles in and 11 coming home (due to route choices to avoid major traffic roads and 5 pm drivers). Soon, with the waining daylight, I should get the chance to try out lights soon.

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