Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday night ride....

I am, basically, a recreational rider. Riding for physical and mental health and fun. Thursday night, there is an unpublished ride out of Bass Pro Shop in Olathe. 20 mile route 2 different speeds. Its a great group. It's the only shot I have at riding during the week (other tahn commuting, which I only can do, maybe, one day a week, and hit and miss at that) what with all the kid activities and driving that needs to be done... scouts, volleyball, 4H, swimming, Gymnastics, dance.... So I really enjoy being able to get out for this great ride with great people.

Tonight I rode with the fast group and felt great. One of the regulars, a commuter and single speed rider, is usually out front. He is a strong rider and gets way more miles than I do. I was able to hang with him this evening with out feeling that I was going to puke or pass out. Really a good night. Temps were great and the wind was not a factor.

One major observation... the sun is not staying in the sky a long in the evenings. This is a sign that the summer is waining and the cycling season is trending towards its close. Now, I am a full year cyclist, trying to ride every month of the year. Cold temps are not an issue (down to say 30 degrees) but wind and snow and ice will drive me off the road. (I can't believe I am talking about snow and ice in August).

The realization for me, tonight, was that I feel my cycling ability and training for the year is just kicking in and I am in reasonable form, finally, yet, the days are getting shorter, the kids are back in school and "fall" is approaching.

A note: the temps have been great the last few weeks. I hope this trend holds at least through the upcoming MS150. We shall see....

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