Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bike fever seems to be high...

I got out for a brief ride today. It was a cold day but almost no wind and beautiful clear skies with a warming, springlike sun shing down. I needed a short 15 or so miles to top 100 for February... a record since I started riding 7 years ago. Got in a short loop from the house and explored a bit of Cedar Creek.

I saw more people out riding today than I expected. Frankly, I was surprised. It seemed there were more people out than I usually see on this route, even when its warmer. And the types of riders were more diverse. A MTB biker cruising on the road (I rarely see this), a racer in full winter kit (see this somewhat regularly), a guy like me (recreational road rider, see these regularly), and a couple, riding upright hybrids (I see this very rarely) cruising along. This all makes me hope that the coming spring will see an upswing of cyclists on the road.

I have a crazy busy week ahead of me and then am out of town next weekend.... so I think I am done for February. So far this has been a great year for my mileage goals. I set personal bests for January and February, I am ahead of my best year ever at the end of March, and I am thinking about upping my mileage goals. I have been shooting for 2000 miles a year for the last 6 years, and have struggled most years to make it. I travel, have kids, and am way over quota on excuses why I can't ride more.

Well, this year, I am trying to ride more but am finding that commuting and having a regular ride, mid week helps alot. Not to mention I am not letting cold or darkness stand in the way. So maybe it is too early to up my miles... my busy travel season is April, May and June. So I will re-evaluate my yearly goals come the end of March. But right now I am expecting to have a best ever year and hope to crush my 2000 mile goal by good percentage.

I am making arrangements to fit in a ride at one or two of my upcoming travel trips so stay tuned for photos and reports from Oklahoma City and Orlando.

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BadgerLand said...

I rode in this general area today also; but instead of turning up this road I went south to do the hills that lead up to College Blvd. As for no winds - well I took K-7 home north of College and it WAS breezy along that road and not from the cars. Glad you are hitting goals and getting out more than expected.