Sunday, May 31, 2009

Allergies suck

I suffer from seasonal allergies and they crop up about this time every year. This last week has been miserable and I have been having such a hard time with them this year that I haven't ridden much in the last week, nor done much else. This weekend was beautiful and I decided to lay low and take care of stuff around the house and myself. I have a very busy travel schedule the next week including a trip to Vegas for a trade show, and a trip to Orlando for both vacation and a trade show.

I had intended to do the Lone Star today but was pretty hammered this morning by the sinus stuff.

I did get out an do the Corporate Challenge Time Trial on thursday night. Bout kicked my ass with this allergy stuff. Turned in a respectable time of 6:21 for the 2.6 mile course, besting my prior years time of 6:38. Not bad for an old man suffering from allergies.

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