Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dark Side Ride -Success

Well, its in the bag. Another successful Dark Side Ride. Ryan, Di, Kim, Dave and Terri, Gene and I headed out from Kill Creek Park for a very pleasant ride. The weather had been iffy all week and there was supposed to be rain Friday night. But, the cycling gods smiled (smirked is better due to the return winds) and we had a clear, rain free night.

The route we used was part of the Kill Creek Park ride I used to lead with Mark Scrivner from Kill Creek Park to Gardner, Edgerton and Eudora. We did the 33 mile loop that took us South to Gardner, West to Edgerton and North back to the park. The KCP ride used to run one Sunday a month but we have gotten out of sorts on scheduling and really need to revive it. It was always a well recieved ride, if not well attended.

Anywho, we had a nice sunset beginning to the ride as we headed out and down to Gardner. A quick sag at a store just before crossing over I-35 (turned out to be the only sag) and darkness was completely upon us. We turned West on 199th and we were in the dark, low traffic roads that are perfect for this kinda ride. The moon was perfect... clear sky, beautiful full moon.

Heading West on 199th was supposed to take us to Edgerton, however, a bit of bridge construction has the road closed. We tried to see if we might still make it across as cyclists, but turned back. We detoured North on Four Corners road to 175th then West to hit Edgerton road. This was a fine detour and caused no real issues, other than eliminating the SAG in Edgerton at Dee's Mini Mart. I was planning to refuel there and really needed a little something, and Gene came to my rescue with a granola bar.

Edgerton Road north started the real slog into the wind. It was supposed to taper off from the 10-14 mph range when we started to a 6-7 range around 9 PM. But I think it went the other direction. It was a bit gusty and seemed to stay in that mid teens range. It managed to split us up a bit but everyone buddied up and no one rode alone.

We managed to get back to the park at 10:45 which allowed us to get out of the park before the 11 PM closing time.

Great ride with great people. Thank you all.

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