Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't tell...

Snuck out for a little ride late this afternoon. It was a wonderful warm day with just a little wind. The above is Lake Mize in Lenexa. Off of Cedar Creek North of K10, West of K7. Nice little loop around the lake. Rumor has it that the fishing here is good.

Did want to point out the following...This little wet spot almost killed me. I came through it fine but there is a little turn to the left after the water (where I am standing taking the picture). The water has made a little slimy coating on the pavement and it is very slick My front wheel did fine but the rear decided to suddenly track about 3 inches further to the right. I caught it but rode very carefully through the rest of these along the path. There were a great many places like this across the pathways.

Lets be careful out there.

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BadgerLand said...

You need to call me if you "sneak" out anymore...I'm pretty flexible most afternoons!