Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bike utilitarianism...

So, I got 2 rides in today. Both strictly for utilitarian means.

My van (yes, I drive a mini-van, and am very comfortable with my manliness) was scheduled to go into the show today. So, I took the bike and rode home. About 13 miles. A bit on the chilly side at 7:30 but by 8:15, the sun was warming things right up.

I did have a flat on the way home. I hate my current tires (Continental Ultra Sports). Repeated flats.... actually, more flats in the last 1000 miles than in the 10,000 miles before. These tires are very soft and sticky and pick up anything within feet of my path. I have picked more sharp rocks, glass etc out of them. I have a replacement set of Hutchinson tires I am going to try next. I never had any issues with Michelins. Anyway, rant over...

I scheduled to work at home and meet the plumber and fridge repair guys and then ride back to get the van this afternoon. I got to ride back, only to pick up the loaner car since the van was not done. I am off to NYC tomorrow, and back late Thursday night... so I'll drive the loaner back to get the van.

It was a wonderful day to be on the bike... both times.

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