Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dark Side Ride

Dark Side Ride! What a blast.

I have wanted to do one of these rides since I first saw a post on Noah's excellent blog, KC Bike Commuting, about a night ride loosely associated with the full moon cycle (June Moon Ride). That one went through my riding grounds, my hood, DeSoto, and I thought it sounded like a great ride. So I have been watching for the next one and had to miss an October ride due to business travel. I was very pleased that this night worked out for me and I was able to make this one.

It was a perfect evening for a ride. Rain was forecast but held off for the full ride. Temps were cool and the wind was light. And it was dark. A good 15 or so folks showed up and took part in the ride.

CommuteDude put together a great route heading out from Spring Hill to Belton and back. Rolling hills and rural, it kept traffic to a minimum and allowed us a safe route to enjoy the dark and quiet night. He stressed safety issues in the emails leading up to the ride and as we gathered for the start... something I think all rides should do more of. Promoting and stressing proper riding techniques (calling car back, moving single line, stop signs, following road rules) and safety gear (proper lighting front and rear, reflective gear) is very important to promoting our sport and those who are less experinced need the reminders and the sharing of "tricks of the trade".

I am looking forward to another of these great night time escapes. Nice job, Kieth. Thanks.

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