Sunday, December 28, 2008

34 to go...

Got in 21 today. Looks like 2 good rides, maybe both commutes, and my goal could be realized.

Thought it might be a stretch with the snow last night, but the warming sun did a number on the roads and it was very rideable in the afternoon. A couple of spots were slushy and there were a few wet spots that looked like they could be icy in the morning.... but no issues today.

I was fortunate enough to get some wool garments for Christmas. Wool socks and a wool jersey. This was the maiden trial and I was very pleased. Now it was only 40 degrees, so that is not terribly cold, but I dressed light and found myself plenty warm. I will try them out later this week with the cold morning commutes I am planning Tuesday and Wednesday. I will report on my findings. So far, I am impressed with wool.

Forgot the camera, again.

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