Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not my best day...

Got out Saturday... I spent most of the day working around the yard. Thought I would wait for the day to warm up. I was somewhat sore from some furniture moving Friday night and all the yard work on Sat.

I took off and had a flat with within 2 miles of home. I thought about turning around and calling it quits. But I needed the miles and I am pretty good at fixing flats, so I decided to fix it and continue. Now, I rarely flat. I mean very rarely, but have flatted twice on the same tire in the last 100 miles. So maybe its time for me to look at new rim strips or other things.... but, I think it's the tires. These are continentals, some cheap on sale tires I bought early this year. They seem to pick up stuff... like small fragments of rocks that stay embedded and work their way into the tire and eventually puncture the tube. My last flat was a rock and this one seemed to be a rock as well..l small pointy rocks. I think new rim strips and new tires are in order.
SO.... I continued on. I felt so so and with the soreness from the furniture moving, I really felt weak. Add to that the head winds and I did not feel at my best.

I completed the 27 miles with no other issues and, while I did not feel my best, I was glad for the miles.

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