Friday, December 26, 2008


Went for a slog today. I define slog, at least in the riding context, as a difficult and unpleasant ride. Today it was SW winds at 25 mph or so. But my need for some miles meant a slog was in order.

I took off down towards Gardner. It was a great temperature day, but the wind was brutal. The cross wind was not bad while heading east or west, but the south head wind sucked. I planned the ride so that I could slog through the headwind down to Gardner on the way out and ride the tailwind, north back into DeSoto. The wind was indeed brutal going down, but the tailwind home was a hoot.

I rode the commuter bike today. Full fenders really helped keep much of the grime off the bike. Everything was wet and gritty and the bike is in need of a cleaning.... I will get right on that after tomorrows ride, since they are calling for rain in the morning.... so it may be a wet ride tomorrow.

A couple of notes regarding the wind.

1) When I rode around Gardner lake, I went along the Northern edge. The lake is still frozen.... so the 25 mph wind from the south meant for a 10 degree drop in temp right at the north side of the lake... that'll wake you up.
2) The wind is mental. Totally. It is harder riding and slower, but very ridable as long as you aren't trying to keep that blistering average speed. I took today in much better mental form that usual. Likely do to the need of the miles and the promise of the tailwind ride for the last 10 or so miles.
3) One of my favorite bike riding experiences is the change in sound you get when you turn with the wind. That noise of the wind in your helmet when riding into a head wind or a cross wind can be very tiring.... but turn so that the wind is at your back, and the wind goes silent.... all you hear is your tires on the road.... I love that sound, or lack of. Probably my favorite riding experience.

37 miles today... 55 to go.

Oh, and I forgot the camera.... doh.

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