Sunday, December 7, 2008

Boring little practice route....

Or not.

After yesterdays so-so ride, I was not wild about getting out today. I spent the morning doing more yard work so I really did not want to go out. I really find that I am better in the morning.... if I wait till the afternoon, I find I lose my motivation. But I know I needed the miles and the weather forcast looks cold and wet for the the coming week or so.

Anyway, I was planning a short hour ride on a 14-18 mile, boring route I use when I have limiter time. I took the commuter bike instead of my go fast bike, since I have been having flatting issue on the go fast. My route takes me east of K-7 on Prairie Star Parkway (95th Street) and passes over a new section of streamway trail. I have always wondered where the trail went and decided to take them today. The trail south went into the neighborhood and I continued around a loop that was part of my planned route that took me up by Smiley's golf course and back to Prairie Star Parkway.

When I got back to Prairie Star Parkway I went back to the trails, and headed North. What a nice stretch of trail. I am not a trail fan, not for serious riding, but this is close enough to my house that i could bring the kids. And, as I found out, it heads North to Lake Lenexa at Black Hoof Park. I had been to the area before, but never actually been to the dam or around the park. I took advantage of this ride, and rode all the way around the lake.

I wish I had the camera with me. I had left if at home since I was planning a boring route... dang it.

The dam is really something else. It is very artistic and I would love to see it when the water is flowing.... I can't even begin to describe it.

I continued around the lake on the "soft surface" trail on the south side of the lake... I am very glad I have the commuter... 32c tires make a huge difference, althought this trail is not MTB material by any means.

I really enjoyed exploring the lake area and in spit of my soreness from the weekend, oh, and the cold I seem to have.

We shall see what the folloing week brings for weather... I am traveling to Los Angeles mid week... maybe I can bring some sun back with me.

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Noah said...

Black Hoof Park really is neat. I, too, love that dam. It's one of the coolest pieces of modern architecture I've seen, ever.