Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kansas weather....

What a day Sat. was. The weather called for low 50's, but that was not to be. Instead it shot up to the mid 60's. It made for a fantastic day for a bike ride.

I got out with my regular riding partner, Mark, and did a loop from DeSoto to Gardner lake and back. 27 miles or so. Started out dressed for low 50's but it was soon apparent that we were over dressed. Started peeling layers at the 2-3 mile mark. Here's Mark losing a layer.

The roads were a bit wet and I wished I had fenders, but I was riding the go fast bike today (Lemond Road Bike) not the commuter. It was amazing how fast the roads dried out. We were only out an hour and a half yet we started on wet pavement and it was dry by the time we got back.

I had an interesting sensation during this ride. Iwas wearing my black tights and at one point, on the ride back north, with the sun at my back, my butt was burnin'up. Yes, the thermal power of the sun was so intense that is was almost too much. Now, I am not complaining... a little bit of intense sun this time of year is very welcome. Makes me wish for spring.

Then there is today, Sunday. I am showing 14 degrees and a wicked wind. That's Kansas weather for ya.

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