Monday, January 19, 2009


Got out for a short ride on Sunday, enjoying the warmer Kansas weather. Of course, it was windy... it's always windy in Kansas.

I was trying out my new bag... an Axiom Rear trunk bag. I have this bag thing... I have been messing with different panniers for the commute and wanted something for shorter rides for misc. stuff. I an not a huge fan of handlebar bags. They make steering more difficult and they are a large block to push through the wind. So I thought I would try a small trunk bag. So far I like it. I am planning on doing an entry on my bag search.... the 4 pairs of panniers I have gone through, the 3 handlebar bags, etc. I'll do that some day when it is cold and wet out.
Kansas has been weird with the weather... but whats new. I try to get out when it is sunny, not gail force winds and the temps are above 30. So far, January has provided me with more miles in 2009 then any other year.

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