Friday, January 9, 2009

Night riding...

Thursday night was a wonderful night for a ride. Winds were low, temps right at 32 and holding or even rising (crazy Kansas weather).

I had to take my son to swimming practice but used the opportunity to take in a ride while he was swimming. I met up with the Bass Pro Thursday night riders a couple of miles into their ride and rode back through Olathe and to the gas station at Cedar Creek and K-10. We enjoyed a small belated New Years toast provided by Badgerland, and then took off for Prairie Star Parkway ehading East. PSPW is, essentially, 95th street West of Renner. It is a great section of road and is 4 lane, devided and well lit. Currrently their is not a lot of traffic. PSPW from Cedar Creek to K-7 is just being finished and is full of roundabouts (you know, those crazy traffic circles that are supposed to keep trafic moving and confuse Kansans who have not driven on the east coast or in Europe). There are 5 I think in less than a 1/2 mile on this stretch of PSPW.

This section is also a hoot to ride. Currently the street lights are not fully lit, and in the darkness, it is fun to blast along. There is still some construction as you near K-7 and the road narrows due to construction cones.

Once you cross K-7, the road is well lit and 4 lanes divided. The group was breaking up as many of the 10 or so riders rode to the ride and were taking their leave and sprinting for home. I continued on with 2 others to PSPW and Renner where I turned around and went all the way back to K-7 and took the road that wraps around by Smiley's Golf Course. This was a wonderful, dark, traffic free stretch of road. I loved this section of hte ride the most.

Then it was back onto Woodland and back to the school to pick up my son.

I was dressed perfectly for this ride and the new wool worked wonderfully. A tip from Badgerland on layers and I was able to enjoy the 26 miles at 32 degrees in comfort.

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