Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm still here....

Not much riding recently. Out this last weekend camping at Camp Naish in Bonner Springs. I attended an adult Boy Scout Leader training. Killed the weekend rides. But it was a good training session, and, of course, every scout deserves a trained leader.

I did get out for a great ride last Thursday evening with the usual Thursday night group. All the lights were so cool.... I had not taken the camera. Bummer. I will take it this Thursday and see if I can get some shots of all the blinky taillights.

I commuted again on Friday, but managed to walk out without the camera. Really nice day as well.

I really love the fall season with the cool mornings, the orange eastern sky and the fall colors. It looks like the weather is going to hold for this weekends Octoginta in Lawrence. It has been a few years since I have done the Octoginta and I am looking forward to it. When I was in college, way back in 1980, I did the Octoginta as my very first organized pay ride. I figured since I rode my bike all over campus and such, 80 miles would be no big deal... The octoginta has, historically, been prone to windy years. Some years are nice with mild winds, and some have those brutal stretches of head wind. In 1980, it was one of those brutal windy days. Add that to my woeful lack of distance preparation, and overall unfamiliarity with how to ride that distance, how to draft, ow to eat.... well, I bonked hard and even developed shin splints. I had trouble walking the next day and was miserable. I distinctly remember riding the last 5 or so miles, into a driving headwind and realizing I had no lower gears.... I was just grinding, on the small ring, big in back, but it was still felt like I was climbing a long hill... yet I was on the flats. Miserable.

May this coming Sunday be a continual tailwind...

(and how is it that winds in Kansas are always a head wind? I have done rides, where I planned to go into the wind on the way out and to come back with the wind, only to have it switch bloody directions.... I don't get it.)

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