Monday, September 8, 2008


This past weekend was the MS150. This is the ride that got me into cycling. 8 years ago I decided to get back into shape and decided that bicycling was the way. I had cycled heavily as a kid and all through college (a bike was my only transportation for several years and my main transportation to classes for all my years at KU). I had just started playing on an over 30 indoor soccer team and after several games, I would hurt (mainly my legs, but the rest of me and my ego all had pains) for several days. So I decided that I would get out the bike and ride.

My first year started on my mountain bike and I set a goal of 600 miles. If I hit it I would buy myself a road bike. 640 miles later, I had a red Lemond Buenos Aires. I still ride it today. My next years goal was to do the MS150. My father in law has MS and I wanted to ride for him, but also for me. I have ridden 7 years now (well, 6, I was sick last year, but still turned in $1800). So, enough with history, on to this year....

Here is the start....

I ride with Team Lockton. We started the morning a little late and it was cool.... temps in the mid 50's. No wind... truly a great beginning.

I like to get out in front of the crowd. So we tend to blow by the first rest stop and only hit every other one after that. I am a "fast recreational rider"... meaning I can go at a good clip but I'm no hammerhead. We were targeting the 100 mile loop today and decided to go together in a smaller group of 4 of us.

We of course picked up others along the way. The day continued cool and windless and was wonderful. Here is a typical reststop... more or less... this was lunch.
I rigged up a camera case on the bike similar to the setup Noah uses to document his blog (KC Bike Commuting). Noah, though he doesn't know it and we have never met, has been my inspiration to start this blog and to attempt to add photos to the narrative.

Here is the only way I was able to finish the 100 miles fast (18.7 mph) and in good spirits. A paceline is a wonderful thing... as are strong riders.
Party in Sedalia Saturday night. We tented next to the band. Earplugs.... I never travel without them.Sunday morning.... it looked like about half the riders chose the one day route of 80 or 100 miles and did not want to tackle the 80 mile day two ride back to KC.
Day two saw a smaller paceline and cooler temps. Looked like it was gonna bust open and pour for a good portion of the morning, but finally with about 60 miles under our belt the sun peaked out for a few minutes and was gone.

Here is the luggage pile back in Raymore/Peculiar....

182 miles. 18 average. Survived and actually felt good.

Lessons learned:
Good riding buddies are gold.
Weather makes a huge difference.
Ride. Ride. Ride.

and take more pictures... they help jog the memories as we march to senility.


Suzanne Nathan said...

As a cyclist and photographer, I really appreciate your photos at 18 mph! Its probably harder to get a decent shot than it is bike. Thanks for posting and happy riding.

norahaty said...

((Ride. Ride. Ride))
a very good advise for shape and sole
hope u enjoy more and more.

Noah said...

"Noah, though he doesn't know it and we have never met, has been my inspiration to start this blog and to attempt to add photos to the narrative."

Well, I know now! Thanks for the link and welcome to the blogosphere. Good work on the MS-150. Although I'm pretty sure I'm trained up well enough for the 150 (to the point I don't need to participate in 'training rides') I just haven't found the time to get out and ride it. Maybe next year.

The Unabashed Blogger said...

I honestly didn't know the MS150 was here and gone. Not that I was going to ride, but at least I usually hear about it. Maybe by next year I'll have a couple of riding friends ready to throw down and embrace the saddle pains of a 150.

Hmm...Now how to talk them into it...