Thursday, September 18, 2008

Love the fall....

Weather was perfect tonight for an evening ride. I love this time of year. Cool mornings and nights and warmer days. Probably my favorite time of year.

One down side, it is getting dark so much sooner that by 7 pm, if not sooner, lights are needed. I got to try out my new Planet Bike Superflash... really a very bright and cool light. I spent some etime on the Planet Bike web site and decided I really like the company... products, philosophy etc. (I am not affiliated with Planet Bike at all, other than owning a few of their products).

Anyway, I am riding Thursday nights with a group that rides year round. SO I will have a chance to get out and do some night/dark riding. I am looking forward to using my lights and determining what works best. I currently run 3 tail lights, reflectors and one set of dual headlights. I guess I am more concerned with someone not seeing me from behind than the front.

I am commuting tomorrow morning and going to attempt to get some photos.

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